"I regret every life decision I've ever made." -Triangle[edit | edit source]

Triangle is a male contestant that competed in The Original 100 Objects and is currently competing in 100 Objects

Triangle's Voting Icon

Personality[edit | edit source]

Triangle is a kind, Caring person, He also is a large Sh#$poster. Triangle is very determined when having to figure out something important. But, is nervous when he cant.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Trusts: Anonymous, King Skull E, Divider, Miiphone, Buggy, Balloon, Dreidel, Basically his whole team.

Wants to know more: Red Blue Guy, Fruit Flavored Donut, and Cherry C. Soda.

Dislikes: None one yet.

Hates: No one yet.

Creation[edit | edit source]

Triangles creation can be linked back to some time in early 2018, Where Ezekiel created a comic about a Triangle falling through a portal and ending up in a local McDonalds.

Triangle was later going to be a character in an object show Ezekiel was going to make along with Circle from the first comic and a planned character from the second comic, However this object show was never completed and is probably somewhere in Ezekiel's house.

Trivia :)[edit | edit source]

  • Triangle's green color was based on wood green Triangles in Ezekiel's Elementary school.
  • Triangle is used as Ezekiel's online avatar.
  • Triangle has trouble sleeping sometimes.
  • Triangle's favorite song is "Minuit A Fond La Caisse" by Alias Conrad Coldwood
  • Triangle's sexuality is Heterosexual
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