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Pointer is a contestant currently competing in 100 Objects.

“Up yours, chump! “ -Pointer, in his rivalry with Sugar Cube.



• He’s a nerd.

• He loves Futurama.

• His General insults are “ Up yours, chump! “ or “ Bite my digital selecting ass! “

• He’s Seen to be mean, but he only gets mean When he’s pissed.

• He’s the 8th to signup.

• He is one of the few contestants who can fly.

• Pointer has only died once, but it was due to sinking after getting struck by lightning.

• He‘s one of the three contestants who owns a lab in their cabin.

• Only contestant to have a robot butler. ( PointerBot )

RP Stats[]


Sugar Cube ( sort of. )


• Bowtie



Pointer is a mouse pointer with a black outline, and white-blue inside.

However in Cherry’s Version, he dons a white outline with a navy blue inside.


Pointer wasn’t always a jerk, but he was a bigger nerd than he was now.

His brother, Blue Loading Wheel, decided to get him hooked on Futurama. That inspired him to become a huge nerd, and sure enough, he took it to heart. He made all sorts of crazy contraptions. Death Ray, Light- Speed Rat, and his mass produced qPhone.

Until one day, one contraption he made backfired and exploded, landing him in the hospital for a month. Eventually finding out what happened, he decided to keep the inventing to a low.

But, who knows?

Oh Wait, he does.