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platinum coin is a platinum casted coin that lives a normal life despite being rich as a co-owner of his fathers solar field company, as he thinks bragging can tarnish his personality. he likes taking pictures with his buddies in the past as well as driving in the city, beach, and other places. despite missing his hometown in nevada, he is still ambitious about competing in “100 objects” he is part of the team “road raging racers” in season one and now in “team 3” with his imported peugeot 508 and to this day is never seen entering without it


his design is like coiny but longer legs and arms

current relationships[]


lego head (minor), tumblr (minor), loogi cap




his own car

gold coin[]

being the brattiest brother of platinum, gold coin is the owner of his billion follar fossil fuel company. as he is the prime opposite to platinum as he brags that he is better than his brother and has a bunch of the rich guy stuff (oftenly abusing his own money thinking being richer is being better). he has a girlfriend named tungsten bar and his adopted son as a family as of right now and it is unknown when tungsten bar wants to get married as of right now.

he stayed in the island from the beginning of october to the near end of october


  • platinum coin likes to drink red bull
  • he is inspired by characters like coiny from battle for dream island and nickel from inanimate insanity
  • he has two brothers named gold and silver (both coins)
  • the person who made this character uses 3d cgi made in blender instead of 2d drawings
  • platinum’s total amount of money is 3.84 million dollars (1.02 mil brought for 100 objects)
  • one month before he got his 508, he drove a 2007 mitsubishi lancer evo, which was crashed head on in an accident