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Megaphone is a Female Contestant that competed in 100 objects v1, but didn't sign back up for 100 objects v2.


Megaphone is known for being very secretive, stealthy and somewhat kind. She is also quite the eavesdropper. She likes to listen in and then store the thoughts she received and lock them up. She usually forgets where she puts her mind keys, so she is often forgetful and will repeat what she will.


  • She's a really good singer.
  • She can toggle her loudness on and off. She can also mess around with it.
  • Her max volume is 60 decibels, which is at least half of the sound a lightning bolt makes when it strikes the ground.
  • She usually keeps her treasured memories' keys in a secret part of her mind, whilst the less important ones are more shallow and can easily be remembered without a problem.
  • Her best friends are Cupper and Cactus.
  • She doesn't know the concept of love, but, she likes to have someone as a friend.
  • Since MP has an unprotected signal, she's prone to easy hijacking. This is why she sometimes walks up to a random person, stares at them for a good hour or two. She doesn't even remember doing so, so it's quite like sleepwalking.
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