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Crab Claw is a male contestant currently competing in 100 Objects.

He was the team captain for the new team 8. He was in group 3 after the merge.


Crab Claw is a manipulative and sneaky contestant. A literal “penny-pincher” and charismatic contestant, Crab Claw has no problem with using the others for his own gain. He rarely does any of the work in his own plans himself, and uses charisma to get his dirty work done for him most of the time.


Crab Claw started the game as one of the best competitors, almost always ranking very high in every challenge he has participated in thus far.


  • Crab Claw is also a contestant on a show created by its user, The Object Project, an object show (almost) anyone can help create.
  • The Discord of said show is here: https://discord.gg/ygEyfEa