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Cactus is a contestant currently competing in 100 Objects.


Cactus is a Mammillaria type cacti, she has an orange-brown pot and yellow rain boots. Including a purple flower with a yellow center.


A grumpy person during boring moments or arguments. She tries to be positive sometimes but can come off as sarcastic (sometimes she intends to). She is overprotective of all of her friends, and sometimes that can lead to problems...


  1. Cactus is a Mammillaria type cactus.
  2. Cactus wears boots because she is used to rainy weather where she lived before.
  3. Cactus likes all genders.
  4. Cactus' friend, Honey, encouraged her to start joining object shows/object camps.
  5. The rule of overwatering herself is nonexistent. So she can swim.
  6. When complemented or hit on, she starts freaking out. Also slightly when feeling attraction towards another object.
  7. She randomly falls asleep.


oooo special someone: Cupper

Friends: Torpedo, Ace of Spades

Recent Acquaintances: Megaphone

Distrust: Mig