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“Do I blow up the bank or take it to safety?”

Bowtie, Unknown

Bowtie is a contestant currently competing in 100 Objects.


Bowtie is a red bow tie made of fabric.


Snarky, likes to brag, bold, that’s Bowtie for you. He likes to perform magic, sometimes leading to trouble, and pretends to be a know it all about magic.


Bowtie signed up, getting number 19/100. While waiting for the season to start, he sometimes chatted with the community and what not.

Challenge 1: Bowtie got put onto team 5. He didn’t like his team much at first but grew to like them more. He and his team decided to outcast Star Bow to a new team. However, this ended being reverted, and it was to make a team icon, which the results have not come for yet.


  • He’s a magician.
  • He can, and will, zap you with his trusty magic wand. Using it to much, however, uses energy. Once energy runs out, the wand is disabled for a little.

(The rest shall be added.)