100 Objects Wiki

"1UP Token, Lets form an Alliance!"[]

Anonymous is a character who competed in 100 Objects but her user was forced to leave Discord.


A black squiggle which can morph into all kind of things, the object stays her original colour


Sometimes messes up and rarely ruins her chances, but everything else she does, might lead to catastrophe...

FREENDZ and other[]

Alliance: 1UP Token, Honey

Friends, Dumb Juice, Miiphone, Green Guy, oof

Neutral, Sugar Cube, Just Limbs, Cupper, Cactus

Not really, Jandal,


  • Her user might be the only one who uses Adobe Animate CC 2019 (that's why there are Shape Tweens)
  • She is allergic to Pineapple Juice and Bacteria
  • She is the 4th smallest contestant in 100 Objects
  • Anonymous was the 92nd character to sign up
  • She is scared of HER
  • She might be the only one who has a bad side
  • Apparently, Anonymous' user has been banned from Discord, so she can’t complete anymore.