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"It seems that you have walked into my betting room, now, you shall pay up, or gamble" - Ace Of Spades

Ace Of Spades is addicted to "gambling," (usually just candy corn cause why not) and takes the chance when he sees one. Fortunately, whenever there is a challenge he always focuses on the matter and stops for that period of time, for he wants to stay in the game.

Life Story

He was born on September 16th, 1993 (idk) in a card game making factory. Unfortunately he fell out of his deck into a life-giving serum. When he woke up he saw something... candy corn. It was Halloween by the time he woke up. That gave him the love for candy corn. That's why he bets using candy corn and not real money. Eventually, he saw a sign for the 100 Objects Sign-Ups and decided, "Why not?" and signed up as the 17th contestant of the game.

Random Facts

  • His candy corn collection contains 2634 candy corns
  • He does not like water
  • His favorite holiday is Halloween
  • He loves to converse and hang out with other objects.
  • He can't seem to find his other card friends. (They were shipped to Italy)
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